Winter is almost over, so I decided to walk through a country

So, I’m in New Zealand for the time being. I have a couple of months until the ski season starts on the northern hemisphere. What do you think I should do during those months?

My plan is Te Araora, and walk through the entire country.

The Te Araora is a trail that stretches from Cape Reigna in the north to the Bluff in the south. In other words, it’s a trail traversing the whole country.

Of course, walking through a country sounds cool to me (it hopefully does to you too). But that is not the only reason to why I decided to do this. Nor is it to try and find myself (this seems to be a reoccurring theme among some travelers).

Hiking a trail like this for me is about choice. There’s just too much to do in one country, the amount of options can sometimes be overwhelming. But on a longer trail you won’t have to worry about where to go next. You just walk another 25 of those 3000 km.

Of course, this will be a shitty and muddy experience. I have no delusion about life being perfect all the time. But it will also be so much more rewarding when you have really good days. Because you can say that it’s something you’ve achieved yourself. Not something you’ve bought with money.

If anyone asks why I’m doing this, the easy answer is still: “Because it is cool.”