The people you meet at airports 1

A lot of the people around me seem stressed. They’re opening up their bags ripping out computers, toothpaste and skin creams. Some are frantically drinking from a water or juice bottle. Myself I feel that little tingle I always feel. Whenever I pass by a security check on an airport there’s always that part of me thinking they’re going to find something in my luggage and lock me up.
It’s a completely irrational thought, yet it’s there every time. The tension eases when the older lady in front of me is caught carrying a yogurt in her luggage. You know, one of those small snack yogurts you can buy in a convenience store.

I mean, yogurt, how explosive is that now again?

The lady, obviously stressed out starts explaining to the staff how she was going to eat it before security but forgot. Eventually the staff member just throws it in the bin, and that’s that. End of story, no yogurt after security.


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