Welcome back to Sweden, welcome back to normal life

As you might notice, I’ve gone full hippie in previous posts. Mostly, because that is pretty much what I did while in New Zealand (without the drugs and some of the more dubious hippie things). I’ve also changed my travelling habits a bit. Previously I would try and do as much as possible, while I now try to focus on fa few things at a time. (I think this is what I’ve been trying to communicate in previous posts.)

This of course means that there is less of new and exciting, instead I’m hoping to structure my life around evolving and exciting. Meaning that I will (hopefully) get better at the things I do, and share my experiences on this road of improving my skills in cool stuff. I’m right now in Stockholm in Sweden, working and earning money before the ski season starts. During this downtime I’ve had time to start rock climbing again, and also catch up on my studies (I voluntarily study language and math because it’s fun).

Before I start writing about any of these things, I have some thoughts about something I discovered through my ski seasons, habit building.


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